Frequently Asked Questions

What does CPSI stand for?

CPSI stands for “Certified Playground Safety Inspector”

Why is a CPSI important?

Certified Playground Safety Inspectors receive comprehensive training on playground hazard identification and risk management methods. CPSI are trained and certified to identify hazards on public and private playgrounds and playground equipment, rank those hazards according to injury potential and apply that knowledge. They will flag anything that is not compliant with the Playground Standards in their report so that it can be corrected to ensure that your space does comply. This mitigates your liability as the owner of the playground.

Why is it important for your CPSI to understand Nature Play?

We have seen the playground standards applied to Nature Play spaces incorrectly. The result is the removal of a full sensory experience in nature and the watering down of the developmental value these spaces provide. Our job is to ensure that your space complies with the playground standard and not to impose arbitrary recommendations that do not actually reduce risk of injuries.

Why is an inspection important?

A knowledgeable CPSI will help to minimize risks, remove hazards, and establish a standard of care so that your space is compliant with the playground standard. This provides you with comfort that you are meeting or exceeding the standards and mitigates your liabilities.

Are Playground Inspections Mandatory?

The CSA and ASTM playground standards are voluntary. Many licensed spaces and public spaces have a requirement to comply. In order to comply, ASTM & CSA standards mandate the creation of a regular maintenance and inspection schedule for all playgrounds, equipment, and surfacing materials in the USA & Canada respectively.

What is compliance?

Compliance is a measure of whether or not infrastructure, installation and layout meet a safety guideline threshold required for best practices. These guidelines are the responsibility of your CPSI to understand and enforce when inspecting and reporting on your play space.

How frequently should I have my playground inspected?

This will depend upon a number of factors: the extent of its use, the type, age, and design of your equipment, and environmental factors. The frequency of inspections depends on your achieving your goal of keeping your playground safe, attractive, and functioning.