About Us

Welcome to Nature Play Inspections Inc., where we bring a playful twist to the world of playground inspections! We’re the team that knows how to blend the traditional with the natural, ensuring your space meets all the CSA & ASTM guidelines while sprinkling it with a touch of Mother Nature’s magic.

With over 20 years of experience in designing, building, and ensuring compliance in natural playgrounds, we’ve become the gurus of this enchanting realm. We’ve crafted and certified countless playgrounds, diving deep into the world of organic surfaces, whimsical components, and innovative layouts. You could say we’ve mastered the art of playground wizardry!

Natural playgrounds are a whole different ball game, and we get it. They’re all about embracing the organic wonders of textures, sensory engagement, and graduated risk. With loose parts and creative elements, they create the perfect environment for children’s development and nature play pedagogy. But here’s the catch: traditional playground inspectors often get confused in this magical world, leading to inaccurate assessments. But fear not, because we’re here to save the day!

At Nature Play Inspections, we’re the masters of understanding the process and mechanism of play in these extraordinary environments. We know how to accurately assess the use, risk, and interpretation of compliance standards while appreciating the true essence of natural play spaces. Our inspections are not only accurate but also informed, ensuring that your playground is a safe haven for imagination and adventure.

So, let’s embark on a playful journey together! Join forces with Nature Play Inspections, where we bring the sparkle of nature and the precision of inspections into one harmonious blend. Get ready to witness the true magic of natural play spaces with the most accurate and informed inspections in the realm of nature play.