Welcome to Nature Play Inspections Inc., where we see playgrounds as vibrant canvases of fun and adventure! We’ve got the expertise and a dash of playfulness to bring sunshine to the traditionally murky world playground inspections.

With over 20 years of experience in the nature play space, we know the ins and outs of every leafy nook and cranny. We are CSA & ASTM experts, armed with the knowledge to ensure your playground meets all the necessary safety standards. We’re like playground detectives, sniffing out potential hazards and leaving only smiles in our wake.

At Nature Play Inspections, we believe in keeping things simple and straightforward. We won’t bombard you with unnecessary up-sells or distract you with shiny new gadgets. Our focus is solely on playground inspections because we’re nerdy about safety, and we take our playtime seriously!

If you’re looking for the ultimate playground inspection experience, you’ve hit the jackpot with us. We’re the masters of this magical space, ready to bring our expertise and passion to ensure your playground is a safe haven for endless giggles and boundless imagination.

So, come on, hop aboard the Nature Play Inspections train! Let’s sprinkle some safety magic on your playground and make it a haven for laughter and play.